Release 'Judge Not' by TonaHope

coincides with celebration of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie Earthday July 23rd, 2012!!

"It's been a long time coming but Hopeton "TonaHope" Smythe has accomplished his dream of completing
his first Reggae album entitled'Judge Not'. The release date ofJuly 23rd 2012coincides with the
celebration of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie Earthday and is also in time for the upcoming
celebration of Hopeton's birthplace Jamaica's 50th Anniversary of Independence.

Reggae lovers will find that the album has a refreshing feel of peace with a rock steady pace that has you
rocking from track 1 to track 10. The opening track'Give Thanks & Praise'is a testament to TonaHope's
praises to the Most High for keeping him safe during the last days while God's words are being revealed
as it was written in the Bible. All songs were written by Hopeton 'TonaHope' Smythe except for track
'Everything I Own'which is a wonderful rendition of the original recording by'Bread' and made famous
to Reggae lovers by Ken Booth. Track 7'Judge Not'warns us not to judge how the Rastaman lives his
life, only God sees what is in the heart of man, it is an uptempo track that will have you skanking, singing
along and moving to the powerful reggae beat. For dancehall lovers track 9 will be a hit, entitled 'Glory
it tells of the big dance that will be kept on Judgement day for the righteous people and how the
wicked will be weeping and wailing! Lovers of dub will rock along to track 10 'Jah Never (Dub)'and
feel that their spirit has truly been elevated.

This CD is one of love, harmony and truth, and unlike many albums you will not find yourself
'fast forwarding' to the next track, it's a CD that young and old will love to play over and
over. Nuff respect to producer Edson "Ajamu" Mitchelland backup vocals by
Ansel Cridland (The Meditations).
" ~ Review by Lady Cham

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